Trinity Training 01-11-15

Trinity Training - 1st November 2015 @ Top Hat Studio - Newark

Well we think it’s fair to say that our first event was a huge success – the day couldn’t have gone any better!

We arrived at Top Hat Studio in Newark around 9am and within 25 minutes all of the delegates had arrived, prepared and armed with their toys (cameras!) ready for the day ahead.  The aim of the event on Sunday was to develop more of an understanding about lighting and how to interact with a model.



Many of our photographers had little and some even no experience of ever interacting with a live model before – other than farm animals! We could see that a few people were a little nervous and unsure about how to direct our models but as you can imagine that didn’t last long! Those of you that have previously worked with our models will realise they are slightly bonkers and there’s never a  dull moment on set... it’s rather hilarious!

As the afternoon went on the joking and laughing was setting in and the good vibes were flowing perfectly. Here at Swifty Productions Ltd we love nothing more than sharing our passion for photography with others and even more so when everyone has the same drive for it! The creativity from the group was incredible and it has really shown in the images produced... but more on that later!




Our team of trainers guided our photographers through different processes and influenced them on how to direct a model. Followed on from this each group had creative slots with each model... it was so lovely to see the difference in those shy faces that appeared that morning to the creative geniuses that left in the evening – it was such a proud moment for us!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed The Trinity Experience on Sunday and we cannot wait for our next event.



Again, thank you to everyone that took part and made the day so memorable. You are the reason our company is where it is and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given us.

See you all soon!


Swifty Productions Ltd    x